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Discover Global Young Leaders Network PLLC Chapter

About Us

Welcome to Global Young Leaders Network (GYLN) Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) Chapter based in Edmonton, AB, Canada.  We are part of an international network of youths also known as GYLN which was established by Sunwah Foundation in 2014. Through our diverse initiatives, we strive to develop our international outlook, leadership skills, and commitment to public and social services. Explore our site and keep up with our latest activities; perhaps the Global Young Leaders Network PLLC Chapter will ignite your passions as well! 

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Turning the Spotlight Series

Our GYLN PLLC Project on "Turning the Spotlight to Local Businesses and Non-Profits" seeks to promote local businesses and feature non-profits who are struggling during these unprecedented times, in accordance with the City of Edmonton’s recommendations on supporting the community during COVID-19. Our goal is to raise awareness on the importance of shopping local at this time to help small businesses cope through this hardship and to recognize the tireless efforts of unsung heroes in non-profits who are working especially hard to support vulnerable populations.

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